Most popular used cars

The used car market in the United States is massive. Among the millions of used cars, some stand out in numbers, making them more popular than others. This secondary car market is mostly made up of lightly used vehicles, only several years old. American like to change cars rather quickly compared to other nations. Keep reading to see which are the most desirable used cars.

Ford F150

The best-seller in America for decades now, the F150 is a car Ford takes pride in. This sturdy and durable truck is the favorite car of millions of Americans. And many of them wind up in the used car market. The portion of the used car market reserved for these Fords is around 1.8 percent.

Honda Civic

Hondas are very popular in the States, thanks to their longevity and durability. The Civic attracts many buyers from the middle-income range, serving as a great family car. It is also affordable and easy to maintain, so many families drive them as a second vehicle. This car commands about 1.9 percent of the used car market today.

Nissan Altima

An affordable and a reliable sedan, the Altima is the ultimate family car. It is large enough for the whole family while keeping the MPG high. It comes in at the number 3 spot with around 2 percent of all the used cars in the US being Altimas.

Toyota Camry

Another Japanese sedan comes in at number 2. Toyota’s pride, the Camry stands out with it’s popular design and the quality engineering from factories in Japan. The used car buyers respect the Camry because it is great value for money and it is cheap to drive and maintain. It secures the second place on our list with around 2.2 percent of the market

Finally, another Japanese model, the Honda Accord. A car enjoyed in other parts of the world as well, the Accord made a great reputation for itself thanks to great performance coupled with an attractive design. This sedan tops many of the „top car“ selections and is at the number one position for a reason. A number of them. It tops the Camry with about 2.3 percent of the total used cars.