What parts of the car you should check first when you go shopping for a used car

So, you decided to get yourself a used car, but you are unsure how to approach the deal. One thing is certain you have to be a skeptic and try to analyze every part of the car before you put out your money. When you go to buy a new car all you need to make sure is in order are the papers and the amount of the money you will be paying it as compared to the other car dealers, but when you go into the used market, there are tons of things you need to check. Some of these things you can do on your own, and for some, you will need the help of the professional. To get things rolling, we have compiled a list for you that can help you check the right places and part of the car before you pay for it.

Check the paint

The first thing you need to inspect is the paint job. If the car had many parts on the outside changed you will notice the different paint job. If there are many areas where the color is a bit off, that usually means that it was hit there. Make sure you explicitly put your attention n the bottom part on the side of both doors and on the front and back bumpers.

Check under the car for rust

Every car gets rust; it’s just how metal works. However, if the owner did not take care of the car and drove it during the winter when the road was salted and did not wash it often than the salt probably ate away at the metal and left lots of rust. If you buy a car that has tons of rust on it, you are in for a hard time that will require you to do several fixes on it.It’s never a good idea to buy a car that has lots of rust on it. If you see what you like but find lots of rust, let’s just look for another one, there are thousands of cars that look like this let’s hope you can find one without rust.

Check the heating and air conditioning

When you get into the car to take it for a test drive, don’t forget to turn on the air condition and later the heating. If the car has some issues with either of those, the owner will sell it on different periods. For instance, if the car has a faulty air condition he will sell it during the winter, and if it has a problem with heating, he will sell it during the summer. Check both!

Check the back-spare tire area and under the hood  

The used cars have to areas that require your particular attention, the rear, and the front. If you don’t know anything about motors get a mechanic to do it for you, but the back trunk you can check for yourself. Check in what condition the back is and where the spare tire is.